Emily Baird

Project Leader

Principal Investigator

Stockholm University

Dr. Baird is interested in exploring the links between sensory systems, brains, morphology, behaviour and habitat of insects. In this project, Emily will investigate the relationship between the sensory systems of pollinators and their preferred foraging habitats in order to better understand their ability to survive habitat change.


Niklas Wahlberg

Principal Investigator

Lund University

Prof. Niklas Wahlberg's research focusses on the systematics and evolution of the butterfly family Nymphalidae and he has developed methods for using museum collections to investigate phylogenetic relationships. Niklas will perform phylogenetic analyses to determine how evolutionary history constrains the distribution and foraging behaviour of pollinators and their ability to survive habitat changes.


Paul Caplat

Principal Investigator

Queens University, Belfast

Dr. Paul Caplat is interested in macroecology and develops modelling frameworks to relate species' dynamics with life-history traits. Paul will combine data from the field studies, environmental and phylogenic analyses as well as organismal traits to better understand the pollinator species' dynamics in response to habitat change.



Henrik Smith

Principal Investigator

Lund University

Prof. Henrik Smith's research focuses on behavioural and conservation ecology, especially how anthropogenic change of the environment affects animal behaviour and population dynamics. Henrik will develop field studies to measure interactions between pollinators species and their habitats with a focus on how changes in the sensory world of pollinators affect their foraging activity.